Big List of Medical Transcription Companies That Are Hiring And Their Tests

Medical Transcription TestsLooking for Medical Transcriptionist Work?

Are you having a hard time locating place that will hire a fresh graduate right out of medical transcription school? All of the following companies are leads for work at home medical transcriptionist jobs. Sometimes a medical transcriptionist is not needed right away, but if you pass their tests, you can be put on the call back list. The best advice for new medical transcription graduates is to TEST TEST TEST!

Medical Transcription Tests

One thing that a lot of the online schools will try to sell you is their job placement services. Let me tell you right now. Do not pay the extra amount of money. Here is the list. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Check the job boards at MTStars. The more you test, the better you get. I had to take about 3 tests every day for 3 weeks before I got hired for my first medical transcriptionist job.



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