What Is A Medical Transcriptionist Job Description And What Does A Medical Transcriptionist Do?


Medical Transcription Job Description

The job description of a medical transcriptionist is defined as by Wikipedia:

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.

The medical transcriptionist description summarized from the Bureau of Labor is medical transcriptionist listen to dictations recorded by healthcare professionals, which could include doctors, nurses, therapists, clinicians, PA, LPN, etc., and transcribe these dictations into correspondence and medical records, including but not limited to medical histories, discharge summaries, physical examination reports, consultation reports, operative reports, admission notes, diagnostic imaging studies, laboratory reports, progress reports, referral letters, autopsy reports, and pharmacology records. Once transcribed, these documents are reviewed, corrected if necessary, and signed off to become a part of the patient’s permanent record and are returned to the healthcare professionals who dictated them.

Are you thinking about becoming a medical transcriptionist?

  • Many medical transcriptionists telecommute from home-based offices which has a great appeal for stay at home soon to be work-at-home moms.
  • Did you know that job opportunities will be good even more so for those who have obtained their certification.
  • Most employers will prefer medical transcriptionists who have completed a postsecondary training program.
  • Medical transcriptionists work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, group practices, pathology and radiology offices, medical transcription services, government facilities, insurance companies, and even from home.

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